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Do you accept a pet?

As a general rule, we accept pets in our apartments. On the other hand, we must also adapt to the norms of each community of neighbours and it is possible that in some communities pets or some specific species may be banned. When you visit an apartment do not hesitate to ask your client manager for the specific rules stipulated in that building.

What bail is required?

The amount of the deposit is one month of the rent as established by the Spanish Law of Urban Leases.

Who pays for the utilities (electricity, gas, etc)?

The tenant is free to choose the utility company that (s)he prefers. This way, (s)he can pay and manage the invoices personally. Therefore, closing the contract for the utilities is the responsibility of the tenant. Vivenio will be responsible for providing you the bulletins needed indicating the point of access for the utilities, as indicated in the Spanish Law of Leases.

Our life is constantly changing and we need a home that adapts to us and our needs in a flexible way. For this reason, rental housing is on the rise and is the preferred choice for many people to build their home.

In Vivenio, we set our pillars in our professionalism and in our experience within the residential sector in Spain. Our commitment is based on offering quality apartments that fit what you are looking for and to help you in what you may need as a tenant.