We are Vivenio

We are a platform for the acquisition and long-term management of rental housing with a simple mission: to provide a value-added service to our clients to turn our houses into a new home. Vivenio is a team, we are the people who work inside and it is its tenants, and we are here because there is still a lot to do.

In recent years, the socioeconomic trend, mobility, labor flexibility and remote work have caused many citizens, especially young people, to start renting as a residence option.

The simplicity and flexibility of renting is a great advantage over the complexity and anchoring of buying a home.

Vivenio is just as simple: we offer modern rental housing for those who want to rent a home with a unique tenant value proposition. It is not just renting a space, it is about offering services that facilitate and enhance the vital experience.

When it comes to renting one of our houses, we explain everything to you in an agile, easy and understandable way. You will feel that everything is under control.

we rent homes for a new generation of tenants

We understand the home as the place where the most important things in your life happen, therefore, we are service-oriented with a clear long-term vocation, like life itself. We believe that a house is much more than a place to live, it is a reflection of who you are. Each person is her world. Each person needs a different house that suits their moment and their lifestyle.
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Our values
set our guidelines

Flexibility  Innovation  Ease  Quality  Customer Orientation Flexibility  Innovation  Ease  Quality  Customer Orientation

of our product

Every time we acquire a building, we put our full potential into action and begin to make decisions in DESIGN, FUNCTIONALITY, RATIONALITY AND QUALITY to offer the best PRODUCT and the best EXPERIENCE when living in a RENTAL house.

Our buildings are an experience in theirself.
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Vivenio from beginning to end

We cover the entire business value chain, from product design to asset exploitation.
For this reason and because of the direct impact on the satisfaction of our business and the experience of our clients, our vocation as PRS is to create, design and develop products from the beginning.
In addition to OPERATORS, we are also BTR DEVELOPERS (Build to Rent) of our own developments.
product design
Promotion and
BTR DevelopmentBuild to Rent
PRS operationPrivate Rented Sector
We have been operating in the market since 2017 as an investment company, acquisition and management of long-term housing portfolios.
We are one of the main PRS operators in Spain.
Company owned by
BME Growth We are listed on the alternative market BME Growth as SOCIMI (Sociedades Anónimas Cotizadas de Inversión Inmobiliaria), supervised by the National Securities Market Commission. Intended for mid-cap companies with growth potential.
We like transparency. You can visit our SOCIMI section and access all the information.

Our model aligns our shareholders and investors with our tenants and end customers.
But our business model is not only developed in the field of investment and acquisition of real estate assets, we also have a clear business vocation for the management and operation of our own long-term portfolio, in order to provide answers and solutions to our end customers.

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key magnitudes

Vivenio has one of the most solid, consistent, stable and qualitatively highest-quality rental housing portfolios at the national level.
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