Vivenio Residencial Socimi S.A. is dedicated to the development, acquisition and management of residential properties for renting in Spain.The company’s strategy is focused on providing the best service to its tenants to become the leading company in the sector in Spain and reward its shareholders by generating and increasing recurrent revenues and creating value through the proactive management of its real estate portfolio.

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  • DAC Capital Increase November 2021
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  • DAR Capital Increase April 2020
  • DAR Capital Increase October 2019
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      Corporate governance
    • Call for the Extraordinay General Shareholders Meeting December 13, 2022
    • Call for the Ordinary General Shareholders Meeting  for June 8 2022
    • Organization structure report and internal control system 2022
    • Board of Directors
    • Call for the Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting November 2021
    • Extraodinary General Shareholders Meeting of February 25, 2019
    • Call for the Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting February 2021

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    • Potential capital increase exploration
    • Result of APG – Aware shareholding operation
    • Vivenio’s Shareholders Corporate Operation
    • Takeover offer to Vivenio´s minority Shareholders by Aware
    • Takeover offer to Vivenio´s minority Shareholders by Aware

    • Aditional information

      Average payment period to suppliers

      • VIVENIO RESIDENCIAL SOCIMI, S.A. average payment period to suppliers for 2019 has been 5 days, term below the legal maximum of 60 days established in Law 31/2014 of December 3, which establishes measures to combat late payment in commercial operations. The calculation is prepared according to the ICAC Resolution of January 29, 2016.

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      Whistle Blowing Channel

      The Whistle Blowing Channel is the instrument enabled by Vivenio Residencial SOCIMI, S.A. (“Vivenio”), so that all employees, professionals, and clients can communicate any suspicion of behavior that is contrary to the law or contrary to Vivenio`s Code of Conduct.

      The management of this channel is confidential. When Vivenio receives a complaint, an investigation will be initiated by the Risk and compliance Committee. Once the information has been analyzed, Vivenio will carry out an investigation process to determine if the reported facts are true, even including external advisors if the nature of the reported facts so requires. Once the investigation is completed, the Risk and Compliance Committee will prepare a report of conclusions and recommendations in which the proven facts and recommendations on the measures to be adopted by Vivenio to take the appropriate retaliation and the necessary preventive measures will be assessed.

      Vivenio will process your personal data for the handling the complaint made through our Whistle Blowing Channel. You have more detailed information about the processing of your data in our privacy policy Privacy Policy

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